Creating a flipbook using an iPad


At a time when the influence of the Internet continues to increase you cannot afford not to have an impressive online presence that works. This is not just about having a great looking website; it’s also about creating additional online resources to attract further interest, such as impressive looking flipbooks.

Using flipbooks to contain your content if a great way of getting people interested in what you have to say and the products or services you have to offer.

One of the great things about flipbooks is that you do not have to be sat at home using a desktop to create them; you can use an iPad to design and create flipbooks wherever you are. Just check out facilities such as to see what is on offer. We are going to look at what you should think about when you are designing a flipbook using your iPad. First we are going to explain what a flipbook actually is.

What is a flipbook?

Remember the days when the majority of documents on the Internet consisted of PDFs; well that is starting to change. Flipbooks are an excellent alternative to PDF files, and one which is a lot more attractive to look at. The idea of a flipbook is that it keeps the essence of what reading is all about and adapts it for the digital age.

You turn pages the way you always have done but you do it by clicking or swiping rather than by actually physically turning the page. The look of a flipbook is that of a glossy magazine or brochure, so it’s very easy on the eye. You are also able to include content such as audio clips and videos. This gives flipbooks an interactive feel and makes the entire reading process more interesting.

Creating a flipbook using an iPad

The great thing about flipbooks is that the design and reading of them is ideal for a mobile device. In the past you may have been restricted to creating documents while you were in the office. Now you can make best use of all of your time, even when you are traveling. If you are able to use your iPad you can easily use flipbook creation software no matter where you are located.

You have access to all of the design processes that you are able to use on a desktop. The great thing about designing a flipbook using an iPad is that you can actually see what the design looks like for mobile users. The number of people who access the Internet using a mobile device continues to increase so you need to ensure that your content is suitable for them to read.

Using flipbook creation software means that you can create great looking brochures and magazines that work equally well no matter what device the reader is using. If you create your flipbooks using an iPad you can see exactly what any reader can see if they are using a mobile device to access your content.