Child Friendly Apps To Love

Whether you’re looking for kid’s apps that will help teach them numbers, colors, or the alphabet or you’re simply wanting to give them a way to entertain themselves there are hundreds of kid friendly apps out there. So many in fact that it can seem overwhelming to find an age appropriate, worthwhile app that doesn’t include in-app purchases. Apps that include such purchases are a terrible option for young children as it may result in accidental purchases, especially if you’re looking to find an app that your child can play relatively unsupervised. Below are some of the finest most enjoyable apps that any child could ever want!

To start things off how about an app that’s purely for entertainment. Talking Tom is a silly, forlorn looking yet cute cat that repeats everything you say and responds to your touch. Talking Tom is sure to entertain your child for hours, or however long they’re permitted to have the tablet! Talking Tom also has a cast of equally cute friends to download if Tom isn’t exactly doing it for you. Tom’s friends include Ben the Dog, Gina the Giraffe, and Larry the Bird!

If you’re child has left the toddler stage and is closer to 6 or 7 there’s a great app that can challenge their imagination and critical thinking, it’s called Draw Something. This popular app is fun for all ages and has drawn apt comparisons to Pictionary. Players compete with online friends in a Pictionary style battle. It’s a great way to learn new things, practice honing drawing skills, and have fun!

Many children growing up hate having to work on math which makes it critical to take this famously dreaded subject and turn it into an enjoyable learning experience. Thankfully in this day and age apps have played a helpful role in changing the attitudes children have about learning, education, and tricky subjects. Rock ‘n’ Learn Multiplication Rap is an app that many parents have cited to help their children enjoy learning time tables in a fun way.

Creating a fun environment in which your children can enjoy all these new apps is a great way to spend quality time with the whole family! And it all starts with flooring. A great hardwood floor is the perfect place to build a fort in which to play app after app. Lumber Liquidators offers great deals on high quality flooring that you just can’t beat.

Hopefully these above apps turn into family favorites and your child can enjoy them learn from them, and even bond over them!