Top 5 Personal Finance Apps for iOS

Your smartphone deserves its name if it can act as a personal assistant and advisor. For most of us, budgeting is a chore that we try to avoid as much as possible, and sometimes it catches up with us. We’ve put together a collection of five apps to help you create budgets, track your expenditure, check your FICO score, log mileage and even split the bill. If you need other advice on how to take control of your money, first visit AAA Credit Guide. You can find there a comprehensive list of articles on a wide range of financial topics.

Mint-Personal finance tracker

Mint is described as the go-to app for personal finance management, and it is available on most iOS devices. It is your own money hub, connecting accounts, cards, investments and bill tracking. The significant advantage of this approach is that you don’t forget about anything and there is little chance of missing payments. You can even schedule payment in-app and be confident that all your data is encrypted during transactions.

Using this app promises to help you keep track of your credit score in real time and for free, yet it is an estimation, for real tracking read on. Even more, you’ll get tips on how to improve it. By becoming more diligent about payments, you will see real changes just after a few months.

Credit Karma- Track your credit scores

Your credit score is the most important number in your financial life. It defines your ability to borrow, draws ranges for rates and acts as your business card in the relationship with creditors. Credit Karma works with all three major bureaus and gives your score in real time, without hurting them. Even more, it offers you the ability to monitor reports and see changes. By keeping you updated, it minimizes the potential for identity theft.

The tax component of the app helps you file federal and state returns. The search function in multiple databases and finds money that belongs to you and you did not claim. Even more, you get personalized recommendations on saving money and getting credit card rewards.

Daily Budget- Learn healthy habits

If you want to keep track of your daily spending but are afraid of connecting your bank accounts to the app, this standalone tool could be your top choice. The role of an everyday budgeting app is that it helps you create habits, which are the base for changing your behaviors.

You just enter your income, recurring expenses, and a savings goal. By using the straightforward computation of deducting savings and expenditures from income, the app lets you know how much you can spend each day. This app is built on the iOS simplicity, it is that it offers a few categories to track your spending as well as the option to define your own.

Honeydue: Couples Finance- In richness and in poverty

If you always wanted to be on the same financial page as your significant other, but you still had trouble keeping up with a budget or an expense limit, this is the app for you and your honey.  It helps you see all available funds from multiple bank accounts in one place, reminds you to pay your bills on time.

People love to use it for the automatic breakdown of expenses into categories. The app was designed to work with most US banks and to offer excellent security and privacy since we are talking about your hard-earned money. It even gives you a social way to encourage your partner’s spending habits and show them your love and appreciation.

Concur-Keep track of your traveling expenses

If you travel, especially for business purposes, you will love Concur. The app helps you draft your expense reports in minutes. You can view credit card transactions and add them to reports, take pictures of receipts to add them as justifying documents. It also offers you the ability to book flights, manage traveling and accommodation, make changes or even cancel reservations.