How Instagram Users Get Thousands of Followers Per Day

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms. Therefore, it makes sense that companies, marketers, and artists would want to leverage the power of “the gram” to generate web traffic, increase conversions, and spread brand awareness.

To expedite the process of gaining a huge following in a matter of weeks instead of months, you’ll have to do more than just putting up a profile and manually following pages with one account and no clout or influence. To properly diversify without risking your accounts, you’ll need proxies – there’s really no way around it.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain how proxies play an integral role in scaling up Instagram marketing efforts via the use of automation tools and campaign diversification.

What are Proxies?

As you probably know, when you connect to a website, your IP address is logged so that the site administrators can track web metrics (i.e. – unique and return visitor counts) and prevent abuse of the site’s terms of service (i.e. – opening too many accounts rapidly). However, you can change your IP address by connecting to proxy servers located around the world, so the sites that you visit see will see your device as being new and unique. In the case of Instagram, proxies are useful for the following reasons:

Managing Several Accounts

Instagram states in its terms of service that each device may switch between five different accounts. Thus, using more than five accounts from one IP address (proxy) could cause some or all your accounts to become closed or limited. By using a dedicated proxy for each account, you can prevent your separate accounts from becoming linked, and scale up to using as many accounts as you want.

Instagram Automation Tools

Managing multiple Instagram accounts as part of an ongoing marketing campaign can be a full-time job, which is why numerous software tools have been created to streamline and automate the process. Simply searching for “Instagram automation tools” will point you in the right direction. These tools can automatically follow pages, post content, leave comments, send personal messages, and perform virtually every other Instagram action on an automated basis.

Using Tools and Proxies Together

The one thing that all automation tools have in common is that they all require the use of proxies if you want to maximize productivity without risking your accounts. Using proxies with automation tools might seem complicated, but it’s really just a matter of copying and pasting the proxy details (basic information like server addresses) that you receive from your proxy provider into the proxy settings

window of the software you’re using. You can get help with this step by referring to the automation tool’s manual or contacting its support staff.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s always wise to adhere to the limitations recommended by a software or proxy provider. For example, many Instagram automation tools will recommend a set limit on the number of actions the software will perform per hour. Exceeding these suggested limits can lead to your accounts being banned, limited, or flagged, so it’s better to take a slow, steady, and safe approach.

Choosing the Right Proxy Provider

Even if you’re following the suggestions in the automation tool’s manual, if you’re not using safe proxies, your accounts could be linked to other users on the proxy server network. Thus, finding a reliable supplier with a vast proxy server network should be a top priority for any business that’s interested in Instagram automation.

All of the Best Instagram Marketers Use Proxies

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that the majority of the top Instagram influencers and brands have used proxies and automation tools to help them gain their huge followings. Even brands that didn’t directly

use automation tools themselves have outsourced marketing to agencies that do utilize such tools, and almost all big marketers use instagram proxies.