The 5 Best iOS Apps For Drivers

Smart device apps have proven to be very important for drivers, and some of them can really make a massive difference on several levels for motorists especially for new/young drivers who have just got their first cars on finance. Themacherald has compiled a list of apps that can help save you money and drive more safely. In this article, we have decided to highlight some of the most useful apps that can go a long way towards enhancing the enjoyment of life as a driver and every app suggested below has been suggested by drivers we interviewed. 

Image Source: CameraAlert

First of all, we have a CamerAlert app. This was suggested by the team from CamerAlert is speed and red-light camera warning system, which gathers information from one of the largest GPS websites in the world, the database to give drivers a decent heads-up to avoid fines and speeding tickets. We have tried a few other apps before but this one is unique as the developer of this app has reduced false alerts and therefore, you should only get notifications for police and speeding cameras on the correct side of the road. This should come in handy now that we have smart motorways and variable speeds along the motorways, A&B roads. 

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Secondly, we have got the Smart Dash Cam app. Another great suggestion from Joe, a car finance broker as he is always on the road delivering cars to clients and have to ensure the car is delivered as clean as it left their showroom. Having an in-car video camera is a must-have motoring gadget. Since dash cams can be expensive, the smart dashcam app which is free can save you splashing the cash and at the same time safeguarding your experience on the road. How does it work? It transforms your phone into a dashcam, by using its camera. This is essentially a continuous video recorder camera that covers everything happening in front of you, no matter how long the drive is or where you are heading. The purpose is to capture anything that could present any danger to you, and in the event of an accident on the road caused by another driver, with them attempting to plead ignorance towards responsibility, this footage will act as your witness and be able to justify your cause by offering clear, concise evidence of what really happened. Another bonus advantage is, you can specify how you want each recorded loop to last, so it won’t use up too much memory and you can still continue to use your phone’s other functions while driving. 

Image Source: RAC

Thirdly, we have the RAC Traffic app that does pretty much what it says on the label. This app was is a winner for our pet-friendly cat bloggers at Since they work around pets they don’t want to cause them distress especially on long journeys so they always use the RAC traffic app to see all the live trouble hotspots on the road. You can see why it loved by the public even for normal commutes. The app provides traffic information for the entire UK and is regularly updated to show accurate, up-to-the-minute information on major and minor routes and since its integrated to Google maps you can easily see trouble-spots and immediately warn you if you are driving towards a traffic zone and therefore saving you time. An alternative app to the above with additional social functions is one called WAZE: you get notified when a Facebook friend is heading towards the same destination as well as live routing capability as the RAC app.  

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The Fourth app on our list is one that will help you with parking. This was suggested by an independent bmw car dealership in the Northwest YourParkingSpace app is a free iOS and will help drivers find parking around the major cities in the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Bristol. Part of the reason this is considered a great app for people in the big cities is because finding a parking spot can be a headache and to avoid wasting time you want to pre-book your most convenient spot and now this is viable thanks to YourParkingSpace. Another app offering the same functionality is Parkopedia. Lastly, we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning about environment-friendly cars as this is the future. All car manufacturers are rushing to ensure they keep up with the electric car revolution.

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Zap-Map app allows those driving an electric car to locate their nearest EV charging station, which can prove to be a life-saver for anyone behind the wheel of an Electric Vehicle (EV) model. This app was suggested by the team at as they are very conscious of the environment. All the apps mentioned above are free to download and so get on to the app store and get these brilliant driving-focused apps that are a must-own. 

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