Utopia P2P Ecosystem: The True Key To Security!

Today, online privacy is not a joke and unfortunately, our personal data is used for commercial purposes such as advertising. We’re being tracked by Google, our provider, our government, and hundreds of data collectors.

Everybody wants to know what we do online, what sites we visit and then they use this info against us. However, it is possible to reduce this impact and information leakage, thereby ensuring privacy on the Internet using a completely anonymous system – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

The fast and multi-faceted ecosystem of the new generation, based on peer-to-peer architecture provides a high level of data protection! This means that now there is no third-party server on which all data is stored. In the ecosystem, every user is both a client and a server at the same time.

Utopia P2P ecosystem provides enhanced protection of personal information through a sophisticated encryption system built on the basis of Swift Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. This encryption allows access to data only using a special key that the ecosystem generates during registration for each user. 

In addition, the entire registration process minimizes the personalization of user data, making it completely anonymous, as it does not need to enter a name, email address, phone number, etc.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Everything you need in one place!

Users have access to a high multi-purpose ecosystem that provides full-fledged work on the Internet, without switching to third-party services.

  • For anonymous communication with friends and family, there is uMessenger. This messenger is completely anonymous and provides a high degree of confidentiality of correspondence. The users can create chats, exchange text and voice messages, use cool stickers and emojis, play and create games

It is possible to maintain blogs, and mark them on the uMap, so that people interested in can easily find them.

  • For the sharing of confidential files and documents with colleagues, the users can use uMail. It is an alternative to traditional email that supports any document formats to send. 

Also, the use of the ecosystem is available from any device, such as IOS, Windows, Linux. The ecosystem has a user-friendly interface that lends to any user adjustments.

  • The special browser Idyll was created on the principle of the ring ecosystem. This means that all the necessary sites are already in the system, and users do not need to leave its boundaries. Also, each user can add or create new sites that will be publicly available. 

Idyll doesn’t track metadata, the browsing history. So, nobody can find out the details of the user’s behavior on the Internet.

  • The installed wallet – uWallet, stores the cryptocurrency of the system – Crypton. Using it the person can secure financial transactions and make them completely anonymous, cause there is no need to enter the personal data of the user, such as card number, name, phone number, etc. 
  • To increase the number of cryptons, can a Mining bot which each person can install. It will earn cryptons for every 15 minutes of an Internet session in the ecosystem.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: The Obvious Verdict!

The user gets a high level of personal data protection, all necessary tools for successful work on the Internet, complete anonymity, automatically blocking of any user tracking.

Start using Utopia P2P Ecosystem today, and feel the absolute difference in the approach to security on the Internet!