5 Marketing Tips for Online Casino Websites for 2021

As the pandemic continues to rattle the world outside, the importance of marketing your online casino website has never been more prominent. The global online gambling market is set to double in size between now and 2023 bringing another 60 billion USD into the industry. So how can you capitalize on this and position yourself in the best way for the market now? Check out these 5 marketing strategy tips for your online casino website below:

Research and Segment your customers

Before you even plan to execute any of the tips expressed below, you’ll want to know who you’re dealing with. Making sure that you understand who your customer is and what they want is key to making sure you don’t waste money or time on ineffective marketing. Look at the numbers, what percentage of your customer base consists of solely online poker players or football match betters? Are they male or female? Which of your current marketing strategies get the most engagement and how does this compare with your competitors? Once you understand the demographic and interest-based details of your customers you can position your brand and its efforts more effectively through targeted strategies.

Start a Blog

If there is an avenue to grow your business organically and effectively it is through starting a meaningful blog, as seen with successful sites like CasinoPick. You’ll of course want to blog about things your customers actually care about so do your research – what types of content do they interact with already? What is your brand’s Mission Objective? Once you have found the answers to these questions it’s just a matter of expanding on them. Knowledge – both insider and outsider provides limitless benefits to your brand’s value offering and news – both sitewide and industry-wide helps you stay relevant and shows you are active which encourages readers to stay tuned. Plus, ensuring these articles are optimised for search engines and are engaging will help boost brand recognition in the long term. 

Social Media

Brands have to catch their customers where they are, which today is on social media. Maintaining an active presence on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and even Tiktok not only helps boost your chances of engaging new customers but also proves to the existing customers that you’re still active and producing value that is meaningful to them. Social media platforms are a great place to advertise new offers and promotions, showcase the excellence of what you have to offer, and engage directly with your customers. Post sport highlights and news that rile up your customers for their next bet, or encourage interaction by creating polls that survey your follower’s thoughts on match outcomes of the day. 

Start an email newsletter

Despite what some marketers might say, email is not dead and it is highly effective in retaining loyal customers. Studies show that over 91% of people access their email at least once a day so make sure you’re delivering quality content that is both relevant and valuable to your subscribers. Pull users into subscribing through the delivery of exclusive promotions and offers that are invite-only. Offer a summary of events that have happened on the website in a weekly roundup and make the emails look and feel inviting by making sure your graphics are in line with your brand image and any links are well set up and work properly. 

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

The online casino industry, though lucrative, is incredibly competitive. If you are struggling to beat them on price try differentiating your brand from theirs on value alone. Try offering something that they aren’t – a different way of betting perhaps, or focus more on an aspect of business like customer service to make your offering unparalleled. Once you’ve secured this, cycle back through the first 4 tips to curate a killer marketing plan for your online casino website.