Playing online games on your iPhone with 3D-touch feature

Many people already know that Apple makes some of the best pieces of technology on the market. After all, they are...

Apple 3D Touch
posted on: Dec 4, 2018 | author: Tony Santos

Child Friendly Apps To Love

Whether you’re looking for kid’s apps that will help teach them numbers, colors, or the alphabet or you’re...

posted on: Jun 28, 2017 | author: Tony Santos

HTML5 and Native Apps Optimization on iOS Gaming

Technological advances enabled a lot of things. They made our lives a lot easier and more comfortable. Just look at...

posted on: Jul 14, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

Gaming on the Go: Euro Palace Casino App Review

Since the release of the iPhone the term “mobile gaming” has been given a new meaning. If before it...

Gaming on the go
posted on: Jun 1, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

4 real money games to play on iPad

Lots of people are interested in playing at least a few of the new casino pokies online. In Australia, people call...

iPad games
posted on: Apr 7, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

8 Best iPhone Games to play in 2016

Your iPhone is not just a tool for communicating with other people, it is also an entertainment center. By...

posted on: Feb 24, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

Free iPhone Games of 2015 You Should Check Out

It is not a secret that iPhone gaming has been a huge hit ever since the introduction of the device. People love...

posted on: Oct 19, 2015 | author: Tony Santos

The Bigger iPhone’s Impact on Mobile Gaming

Launched in September last year, the iPhone6 and the iPhone6 Plus meant a huge leap for Apple. It signalled the...

posted on: Apr 6, 2015 | author: Tony Santos

Apple’s Decision To Allow Online Casinos Proves Wise According To Industry Experts

Apple’s Decision To Allow Online Casinos Proves Wise The online casino industry has been growing rapidly since...

posted on: Dec 2, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

Gaming can improve your brain power

Video games used to be viewed as the enemy by many parents; the activity that would drain their children’s...

Online Gaming on Apple Devices
posted on: Nov 21, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

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