iPhone started smoking badly caught on camera

The Samsung Galaxy S III which started incinerating itself while being charged spurs the issues hype found on one of...

iPhone started smoking badly caught on camera
posted on: Jul 4, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

iPhone 4S is still Verizon’s top selling handset

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx had surpassed Apple’s iPhone 4S in sales at Verizon based from several reports purported...

iPhone 4S is still the top selling handset from Verizon
posted on: Jun 29, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Apple iPhone and iPad could be banned in U.S.

 The ‘magical Karma’ ooh, is that a new product from Apple –apparently yes, this new product might...

Apple iPhone and iPad ban in US
posted on: Jun 27, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

New iPhone 5 Will Have A 19-Pin “Mini” Connector Confirmed

“TechCrunch has independently verified that Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port, replacing the current...

19-pin port for iPhone 5
posted on: Jun 21, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

New iPhone 5 rumor roundup for June 2012

Here are some of the most notable rumors we have for the most anticipated smartphones to hit this 2012, the new iPhone...

Assembled iPhone Parts
posted on: Jun 21, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Micro USB port to be seen in the next iPhone

Apple might be having a micro USB port for the next iPhone which is soon to be released. This has been shown in the...

posted on: Jun 1, 2012 | author: Melissa Wright

Most Expensive iPhone Apps Ever

Thanks to mobile app developer Tecmark for supporting this post. Many people buy iPhones just because they think...

posted on: Apr 26, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Pretty Smart iPhone’s Unlock Screen

Apple iOS 5.1 brought the new unlock screen for the iPhone which seemed to have been taking blow for design mess. Most...

posted on: Apr 8, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Behold: It’s the ‘New’ iPad!

Clearly, we’ve been wrong about the naming of the latest iPad. It’s not called iPad 3 or iPad HD. Apple christened...

posted on: Mar 8, 2012 | author: Allan Joseph

Nissan Reveals the World’s First Self-Healing iPhone Case

There could be tons of iPhone cases nowadays, each with different designs and functionality that you’ll have to...

posted on: Feb 20, 2012 | author: Tony Santos