Apple cut prices of iPod Touch line and refreshes 16GB model

Apple has just issued a price cut on its iPod Touch line which reduce the cost of the music players by as much as...

iPod Touch new
posted on: Jun 26, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

WWDC 2013: iOS 7 arriving this fall!

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 wrapped up yesterday with a number of revelations and announcements....

posted on: Jun 12, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

Apple’s Bruising Fall

Since late September last year, Apple has been battling the rout in its share price, now down by 44% since the end of...

Apple Stock 2012-2013
posted on: Apr 20, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

Highest paid US executives work for Apple

In a recent report posted by Bloomberg, four of the five highest paid employees in the US are, surprisingly, not CEOs....

posted on: Apr 20, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

Apple Introduces New iPod Touch Sports Siri and Larger Screen

Apple has recently declared the launch of the brand new iPod Touch. This brand new device is expected to bring a lot...

New iPod Touch
posted on: Sep 14, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Apple Debuts Thinner 7th Gen iPod Nano

Apple revealed its seventh generation iPod Nano at a press event held in San Francisco on this Wednesday. This seventh...

Thinner New iPod Nano - 7th Gen
posted on: Sep 14, 2012 | author: Tony Santos

Apple iPhone 4S: All you need to know

After the roller-coaster months of rumors, speculations and leaks Apple has finally unveiled the next generation...

iPhone 4S
posted on: Oct 6, 2011 | author: Tony Santos

Apple Inventory Database Show Off Revised iPhone 4 and White iPod Touch Models

The Cupertino giant is reportedly added number of new entries to its internal inventory database according to...

posted on: Oct 4, 2011 | author: Tony Santos

Apple’s iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle to be Discontinued

This time the word “classic” might become literal, as Apple is reportedly planning to drop the mighty axe...

posted on: Oct 3, 2011 | author: Tony Santos

Apple’s Record-Breaking Q3 2011 Posted $7.31 Billion Profit on $28.57 Billion in Revenue

Apple have just announced record breaking numbers for its third fiscal quarter of 2011. The Cupertino-based company...

posted on: Jul 20, 2011 | author: Tony Santos

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