Apple Watch 2 release date, price and specification

Back in September 2014, the Cupertino-giant introduced their bet in the smartwatch war with the sleek-looking Apple...

Apple Watch 2
posted on: May 19, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

Slimmer Apple Watch 2 this June

In his tour at China’s tech and manufacturing firm, Apple analyst Brian White of Wall Street firm Drexel...

posted on: Apr 11, 2016 | author: Tony Santos

Apple’s iWatch specs, price and release date

The Cupertino-giant Apple has been teasing for “exciting new product categories” this year, ever you could...

posted on: Jun 23, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

iWatch with UV light sensor coming Q3 2014

We are familiar with iPhone 6 rumor mill, but if the iWatch will be coming on the same period, there’s no doubt...

posted on: Apr 9, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

Most Realistic iWatch Concept

This year might be a year for wearable devices, which has been evident from the recent Consumers Electronics Show...

iWatch Concept
posted on: Jan 23, 2014 | author: Tony Santos