Playing online games on your iPhone with 3D-touch feature

Apple 3D Touch

Many people already know that Apple makes some of the best pieces of technology on the market. After all,...


Creating a flipbook using an iPad

At a time when the influence of the Internet continues to increase you cannot afford not to have an...


The 5 Best iOS Apps For Drivers

Smart device apps have proven to be very important for drivers, and some of them can really make a massive...

Mophie iPhone 5/5S Battery Pack Case With Bui...

At CES 2014, we’ve seen several ultra-portable devices like the D-Link’s router-charger and ZTE’s...

Mophie Space Pack
posted on: Jan 10, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

iPhone 5S beats Galaxy S4 and Nexus 5 in batt...

Battery life is one of the most important features of smartphone nowadays, which will enables you to fully utilize...

iPhone 5S battery
posted on: Jan 4, 2014 | author: Tony Santos

Best Free iOS Apps of 2013 (Part 2 of 3)

Few days back, we had the first part of our list of the best free apps of 2013. It features some of the more popular...

posted on: Dec 31, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

The New iPad’s Beginner Guide

If ever Santa left you a new iPad under the Christmas tree then you read on this post to get you started with your new...

iPad Air
posted on: Dec 27, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Best Free iOS Apps of 2013 (Part 1 of 3)

posted on: Dec 26, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

Now that the year is almost over, it is but customary for us Apple fans to take a look at this year’s best free apps to celebrate the greatest...

iPhone 6

What you can expect for iPhone 6

posted on: Dec 12, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has completed its availability in almost all countries that it’ll be shipping and to tell you this early, the next...

Defender Case

Gift Guide: Apple Accessories and Gadgets

posted on: Nov 26, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

It’s the season to be jolly, as they say, but no one could be merrier than an Apple fan who is looking forward to their cool gifts. If you’re...

iPad Air

iPad Air vs other tablet devices

posted on: Nov 25, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Earlier this month tech giant Apple unveiled the new iPad Air tablet device. With an improved design, faster processor and powerful camera features,...

bwin Poker App

bwin Poker App Review

posted on: Nov 20, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Poker, in the past few years, has been one of the more popular gambling games. And with the widespread proliferation of online poker, and more...

Mac Gaming

How Mac Computers Made It To The Gaming World

posted on: Nov 15, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Mac makes its first move It seems strange now, but Apple used to be treated a lot like Microsoft’s ugly sister or thick brother. People thought...

Spreadsheets Apps

Spreadsheets App Track Your Performance In Bed

posted on: Nov 13, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

We truly live in a social media age. Apart from the onslaught of new gadgets and devices, mobile applications are swiftly transforming the way we...


Sapphire Glass for iWatch Display?

posted on: Nov 6, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

A big hint! Apple might be finally gearing up for the release of its most anticipated iWatch. Yesterday, GT Advanced with the State of Arizona...

iPad Air Teardown

iPad Air Component Costs Estimated at $274

posted on: Nov 6, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

 Here we are again, upon the release of the new iPad Air, IHS Suppli —-the firm known to dismantle popular devices to see how it can easily be...

iPad Air Hotspot

iPad Air as LTE Hotspot for 24 Hours

posted on: Nov 6, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

So you’re getting not just a tablet but you can also set the iPad Air as a dedicated MiFi hotspot for your other devices and friends to connect...

Metlife Infinity

Sponsored Video: Metlife’s iOS Apps

posted on: Nov 5, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Accidents, illnesses and deaths are all but part of human life. It doesn’t matter how much we try to keep ourselves healthy, or stay away from...

Apple Fall Announcements Delivers A Few Surprises

posted on: Oct 23, 2013 | author: James Mendoza

Today, following a rather successful launch of this year’s iPhone lineup, Apple delivered a number of follow-up announcements that provided even...

iOS Apps

How To Protect Your iOS Apps

posted on: Oct 19, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

There are tons of iOS apps available at the App Store and apparently, if you’re developing applications you should know how to protect your...

PC Remote App for iPhone

PC Remote Apps for your iPhone

posted on: Oct 16, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

The iPhone, arguably, is one of the most capable smartphones in the market today, even against the recent barage of Android smartphones. It is also...

Jisoncase Vintage Real Leather Smart Cover for iPad Review

posted on: Oct 1, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

Introduction Nowadays, whenever we buy our favorite gadgets and gizmos, we almost always see to it that we buy a case or protector to go along with...

Space Gray iPad mini 2 leaked

posted on: Sep 19, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

The craving for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S as well for the iOS 7 have already been on-the-peak for this month, and it seems the tide has been switching...

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 now available for download

posted on: Sep 19, 2013 | author: Tony Santos

The long wait is over as Apple has finally made its redesigned iOS 7 operating system for iPod, iPhone and iPad ready for download. And notably,...

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